Why to choose REP® System

Speed and rapidity of work
In the first phase only steel structure, the REP® Beam has its own weight much reduced: therefore quick and precise way to position with any crane used normally in the sites, as the concrete is casted after positioning.

Full selfcarrying capacity
REP® Beam, during the first phase, carries its own weight, the filling concrete and the slab of its competence loads, without any need of crib, in the second phase, at maturation of the integrative concrete casting, carries the live load too.

Anti-seismic safety
REP® System guaranties the maximum anti-seismic safety according to the latest European norms regarding the anti-seismic design even of multilevel buildings, offering therefore one technology in accordance with the standards, also ideal for the areas with the high seismic risk.

Anti-fire safety
The steel components of REP® System enclosed in concrete, are protected from fire and guaranty the requested structure resistance in case of fire.

Possibility of beams production directly at site
In the sites with difficult access or of big sizes, it is possible to assemble the self-carrying elements.

Prompt availability of the floor below
Coupling the self-carrying slabs together with REP® Beams, the floor below is immediately free from cribs and feasible.

Site safety
REP® System respects the European norms regarding the safety matter (D.Lgs. 626 e 494).

No need of maintenance
Differently from the steel structures, REP® Beam has no need of maintenance or treatment: in fact steel, enclosed in concrete, is protected from oxidation due to atmospheric agents.